What Causes Frizzy Hair?

Does frizzy hair equal hig hair? Yes. But it’s not exactly the hair we want if we’re looking for fullness and volume. Even some of us who want smooth and silky hair have to deal with frizz!

Let’s talk about what frizz is. Lack of moisture in the hair. However, don’t confuse moisture with water. There is plenty of water in your hair, however, what your hair is actually lacking is oil. When it’s humid outside and the cuticle layer of your hair strands are lifted at all, the water in the air is attracted to the dry hair fiber and can make the hair look and feel heavy.

There are two main reasons why your hair has frizz. 1. It’s been damaged due to chemical treatments or mechanical damage 2. You have split ends. Either way, you are losing important natural oils and too much water is continuing to damage your hair.

Natasha Burton over at Stylecasters.com wrote a great article about common things and practices that are making your hair frizzy.

  1. Your shower routine. (It might be too hot!)
  2. Not brushing your hair before washing. (Detangle your locks)
  3. Shampooing too much. (Shampooing only 3-4 times a week recommended by 9 out of 10 hair stylists)
  4. Your brush. (There’s no one size fits all brush)
  5. Your blow dryer. (Ionic Technology: This isn’t your mother’s hair dryer, unless it is and then you should learn from her, she’s a smart woman!)
  6. Your hair’s lack of moisture. (It’s like the Sahara)
  7. Your flat iron. (It’s a vicious circle of smoothing your hair to stop the frizz only to make your hair frizzy because you keep flat ironing it…)

Check out more here.

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