Million Dollar Stylist to Interview Justiss Cowland

I’m really looking forward to being interviewed by Marquetta Breslin of Breslin products LLC on Wednesday!

Marquetta Breslin and Justiss

What it Takes to Be a Million Dollar Stylist.
Not every stylist will reach a six figure salary. In fact, the average salary for a licensed hair stylist is around $23,000 and not even close to the 6 figure mark.

Which is why it is exciting that Marquetta Breslin, co-owner of Breslin Products LLC, creator of the Million Dollar Stylist System, and Author wants to interview me.

Being a hair stylist is a “second” career for me and I knew I wanted to start my career with a bang so I purchased Marquetta’s book, Million Dollar Stylist, after doing a search on Google to see if there were any actual Million Dollar Stylists. After I read Marquetta’s book, I wanted more and took her Million Dollar Stylist Seminar. I’m now enrolled in my third program with her and can say that my success, since I’ve started behind the chair, has been due to the principles that Marquetta not only teaches, but lives by.

I am being interviewed to talk about my journey so far behind the chair utilizing the principles I’ve learned through the Million Dollar Stylist program.

Stylists, new and seasoned, or anyone who is in business frankly, should never make the mistake of believing that they aren’t in the business of transforming people, but we’ll never meet those people if we aren’t marketing ourselves properly.

To find out more about Marquetta and the Million Dollar Stylist Program,  you can visit her site at


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