Drew Barrymore, Flower Cosmetics, and the wonders of Aloe Vera

If you don’t know who Drew Barrymore is, you must be living under a rock, or you’re off the grid and then you wouldn’t really be reading this blog post, would you? LOL.

What I love about Drew Barrymore is her constant positive attitude, her entrepreneurial spirit, and her style. She’s the brainchild behind her latest venture, Flower Beauty. But even though her beauty company is flourishing, she still loves trying out products and finding ones that work for her, especially when it comes to how to get rid of dark circles.

aloe vera

Recently, she talked about how she had a bad reaction to a bug bite that just wasn’t going away, so she used the flesh of an aloe vera plant a few hours a day, and apparently it “sucked the redness right out”. Honestly, I don’t know if I could lay a hunk of aloe vera meat straight off the plant on my face, but then again – it beats putting chemicals on your face every day!

Would you try it?

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