How to cure your damaged, blonde hair

Blonde hair requires a little more TLC than most hair types, especially if you are very dark and going to a bright blonde. Here are some of my favorite tips from a blonde blogger (who is naturally very dark), celebrity hair colorist Kari Hill, and a professional hair stylist – me!

blonde hair

Remi (Ray-me), an LA based fitness and wellness blogger says:

  • Infrequent washing. Dry Shampoo should be your best friend, washing your hair less often will help your hair from being damaged through continued movement.
  • Purple shampoo. Keep out the brass or the yellowish orange color with some moisturizing purple shampoo.

Kari Hill, celebrity colorist:

  • If you have oilier hair, try shampooing every other day, but stretching out days between shampoos would be best. And this is highly recommended for people with hard water that’s loaded with minerals, like copper and chlorine, which can change the color of blonde hair.
  • Never ever use clarifying shampoos! Clarifying shampoos will dehydrate your hair, and blonde hair needs all the moisture it can get.

Justiss Boyer-Cowland, Color Specialist:

  • 72 hours after getting highlights or a blonde global application, deep condition your hair. This gives your hair time to reboot itself a little bit and relax the cuticle. If you put a conditioning treatment in too soon when the cuticle is still wide open, all the moisturizing product will fall out of the hair during the rinse out.
  • If your stylist has the product, ask for a bond protector and a bond builder and invest in the take-home products. These products are designed to keep the integrity of the hair as close to what it was before you became a blonde.

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