How to get Summer Festival Hair

I wish I could say it was officially summer, but in some parts of the US, it’s still winter! Ugh! Hopefully, though, people are finding places to enjoy the sun anyway they can. Whether it be at the beach, a park, or traveling – it is definitely time to warm up.

One of the great things about summer is all the fun festivals and activities. Each year multiple festivals happen all over the country and the world and with it comes fun and fresh styles. I’m pretty excited about summer festival hair. Since the trends with cool hair colors and mermaid hair, even more, ways to wear our hair have been popping up in magazines and blogs.

summer hair

Allure and Marie Claire are two that have stood out from the rest.

But before I go on, let me just put to rest any ideas that you have to go to some big festivals, like Coachella, to wear festival hair – no! Here are some of the fun things they’re featuring this year for summer and should be easy to recreate at home!

Braids. Braids are always a winner in the summer. Braids keep hair out of our face and off our neck if we want. Some fun trends is middle part braids and bun braids, and if you’re feeling festive why not add some sparkle with glitter or cute rhinestone pieces.

Headband + Top-knot/Bun. If you’re not feeling your hair but still want to look stylish, throw those locks up and put on a headband. The headband can be accessorized to match your outfit or style. Choose from frilly, floral, or simple and chic. It can give your bun and your style a whole new look!

I hope you find a summer style that’s fun for you to wear and keeps you cool! Any favorites? Tell us below!

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