Self Tanning Secrets

Who doesn’t want to look “bronzed for the gawds”?!?! But definitely without the wrinkles, I mean who wants to look like a Shar-Pei?

shar pei

So we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks you can use to help you self-tan look like you were kissed by the Sun Gawd Ra… without all the burning.

Our first few tips come from Kristyn Pradas and Cosmo Magazine.

  1. Exfoliate from Head-to-Toe.
    Kristyn Pradas, who spray-tans Angels for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, recommends exfoliating skin and shaving with a new razor the day before or the day off to further exfoliate your skin.
  2. Apply oil and fragrance-free lotion to elbows, knees, and hands – these areas are typically more dry and will really absorb the color to give you that yummy orange glow!

From Allure Magazine

  1. Start from your feet and work your way up! Smooth on self-tanner in circular motions approximately one teaspoon at a time. Start at your ankles and work your way up to your shoulders to prevent any weird marks when you bend over, and save your arms and hands for last.
  2. Powder your nose, face, and tan! Give the formula extra time to dry. “If the directions say five minutes, wait ten,” Stankiewicz says. Then brush a talc-free baby powder all over. “It stops the tanner from transferring to your clothes,” she says. Avoid showering or sweating for 6 to 8 hours.


Good Housekeeping Magazine has great options to choose from too:

  1. Isle of Paradise Self-Tanning Water – “Clear” self-tanners are all the rage right now because they claim not to ruin your sheets and towels. This new formula from Isle of Paradise looks and feels just like water. And few hours after rubbing it in, you’ll be glowing. $28
  2. Beauty by Earth Self Tanner. #1 Amazon Seller. Reviewers say they liked that they could control how deep their color got by applying over the course of 4-7 days — and the fact that they could actually pronounce the ingredients. $28
  3. Sun Bum Self Tan Towelettes. These individual towelettes are easy to pack for a vacation or take to-go. Our pros found they absorbed quickly into skin making application virtually mess-free. Though easy to use, many testers only noticed a faint color payoff. $16

GH has so many more, which one will you choose?

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