R+Co Atlantis Shampoo and Conditioner

r+co atlantis moisturizing shampoo and conditionerR+Co Atlantis Shampoo and Conditioner

The Atlantis Shampoo and Conditioner from R+Co saved my hair! My hair
has gone through coloring and bleaching on top of the dry winter, my
hair needed HELP.

Atlantis Shampoo and Conditioner from R+Co is
so rich and moisturizing and full of yummy ingredients like Witch Hazel
to help balance hydration levels, Rosemary for scalp health and removes
build up, Nettle that conditions the hair and protects against color
fading, Brazilian Babassu Oil that moisturizes dry and damaged hair, and
vegetable protein which strengthens hair and increases moisture.

Come in for a treatment, get 25% until the end of January!

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